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Information section, the description will normally show the shipping point of origin, as many countries charge import duty on small shipments and some do not. Also some countries allow epacket and it will be used if possible. Because we ship to and from many countries worldwide we try to include as much information as possible, to make the process as simple as we can. Here at cactusenterprises.com you will find ebooks with a lot of information and you will find the best E-Business Marketing and Merchandizing Affiliate Portal for Companies, Manufactures, Warehouses, Jobbers, Manufacturing Companies, Wholesalers, Top Name Brand Perfumes After Shave, Body Lotions, Toiletries, Cologne, Perfume Testers, Gift Sets, Deodorants. Our E-Business Marketing includes many other products ,such as foods electronics toys clothing accessories jewelry sports items We ship from warehouses around the world